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AIM-PROGRESS is a forum of consumer goods manufacturers and suppliers assembled to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable production systems. It is a global initiative supported and sponsored by AIM in Europe and GMA in North America.

Its key objective is to “positively impact people’s lives through our combined leadership of robust responsible sourcing practices throughout our supply chains”. AIM-PROGRESS aims to build member and supplier capability, assure supplier compliance and go beyond compliance where internationally accepted standards and practices exist.

Description of Program or Activity

AIM-PROGRESS carries out the following activities:

  1. Provision of a forum to exchange views and share learnings regarding responsible sourcing practices, thereby “educating” the industry (3 membership meetings per year, supplemented by webinars and work stream calls).

  2. Leverage synergies and support the effective collaboration and potential convergence with other global initiatives having similar aims or interests, in particular strong collaboration with the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP).

  3. Converge and promote members’ evaluation methods to determine CSR performance within the supply chain

  4. Help develop and promote responsible sourcing practices within the supply chain, in particular with suppliers through supplier training events.

  5. Reduce audit fatigue for suppliers by encouraging them to share their audit reports with many customers to avoid duplicate audits. "An audit for one is an audit for all". 

Lessons Learned

AIM-PROGRESS members’ supplier base is huge. Trying to implement CSR practices at every level in the supply chain, down to the small-hold farmer, is a long-term task. By making each tier in the supply chain responsible for passing on responsible sourcing practices to their suppliers we can mobilise a broad coalition of progressive companies. When audits are undertaken, what is most important is to work with suppliers to close out non-compliances. Auditing per se does not lead to long-term change.


- Knowledge of companies on responsible sourcing is increasing. All companies now have supplier codes, referencing globally accepted frameworks, including UNGC or Ruggie, etc. Membership criteria for AIM-PROGRESS have been strengthened so that companies are obliged to increase their focus on responsible sourcing to remain part of the initiative.
- Some member companies have been able to save on 30-50% of audits thanks to our joint audited supplier list.
- Suppliers are getting common messages from their customers, instead of having to face completely different expectations.