Global Battery Alliance

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World Economic Forum

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Human Rights, Labour, Environment, Anti-Corruption


The Global Battery Alliance is a public-private coalition to catalyse, accelerate and scale up action towards an inclusive, innovative and sustainable battery value chain.


Batteries are a critical enabler of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powering technology in products from laptops and hand-held devices to electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. In 2015 the global battery market was worth $65 billion. Since 2010, the biggest growth in the market occurs in rechargeable batteries, the demand for which has surged at over 10% per year. Between 2015 and 2024, this segment is expected to more than double from USD 30 billion to USD 77 billion.

However, this growth has not – and will not – come without challenges. The battery value chain is currently linked at its most fundamental levels to issues such as child labour, water and air pollution, dangerous working conditions, and challenges concerning life-cycle sustainability.

Some promising actions to address these issues are already underway. These actions are somewhat fragmented and could benefit from increased scale and an accelerated timetable toward common transformational goals. A primary reason for this fragmentation is that the battery value chain is a complex system that comprises participants from various industries and sectors and spans the entire globe.

A global movement toward an inclusive, innovative and sustainable battery value chain via the proposed alliance will go hand-in-hand with specific in-country and cross-country action, catalysed by the alliance.

Therefore, the Battery Alliance will:

- Ensure the value chain’s social and environmental sustainability in line with the 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals

- Unlock innovation across the battery value chain, a complex system spanning the globe and covering multiple industries

- Support the development of policy principles across the G20 to harness the battery value chain for global economic convergence and catch-up