"No Fees" Initiative

Name of Organization Behind

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

Year of Launch


Basic Resources, Food & Beverage, Retail, Technology



Sub Categories

Forced Labour, Migrant Workers

Issues Addressed

Human Rights, Labour


The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility’s (ICCR) “No Fees” initiative seeks to engage and influence the behavior of a number of major brands and retailers to create substantive policies on ethical labor recruitment, to ultimately eliminate one of today’s most egregious human rights abuses - modern day slavery - estimated to impact over 21 million men, women and children worldwide.


The goal of the program is to lead companies to create robust management systems to ensure that workers in their immediate and extended supply chains are not forced to pay for employment. Millions of workers are exploited and enslaved by unscrupulous labor brokers who charge exorbitant recruitment fees, do not provide written contracts or change contract terms, and impose unreasonable deductions from promised wages. 

As the "pay for work" practice is especially prevalent at the commodity-sourcing level of the food supply chain,  the “No Fees” initiative initially focused on promoting ethical recruitment in palm oil and seafood sourcing, and has now scaled up to include companies in the electronics, apparel, and extractives sectors.