Forced Labor Commodity Atlas



Type of Resource


Year of Release



Basic Resources, Construction & Materials, Food & Beverage, Personal & Household Goods



Sub Categories

Human Trafficking, Child Labour, Forced Labour, Migrant Workers

Issues Addressed

Human Rights, Labour


The link between commodities and some of the worst forms of labor abuse in the global economy is coming under increasing scrutiny from stakeholders around the world. Several global campaigns seek to raise awareness about goods produced under forced labor conditions and modern forms of slavery. The Verité Forced Labour Commodity Atalas contributes to those efforts.


The Verité Forced Labour Commodity Atlas explores high risk commodities and their relationship to forced labor and other forms of exploitation at the base of global supply chains. Current commodities featured on the Atlas include; tea, fish, coffee, sugar, palm oil, tobacco, cocoa, gold, and cotton. The Atlas will continue to be updated regularly to feature all 43 commodities listed in the report; "Strengthening Protections Against Trafficking in Persons in Federal and Corporate Supply Chains: Research on Risk in 43 Commodities Worldwide". The Atlas lists countries where the commodity is produced with forced labor and/or child labor; what trafficking looks like in the production of each commodity; the commodity through its supply chain; how it affects consumers; and addtional case studies, examples, and data.