Supply Chain Mapping


Sourcemap Inc.

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Online tool/software

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Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Basic Resources, Construction & Materials, Industrial Good & Services, Automobiles & Parts, Food & Beverage, Personal & Household Goods, Health Care, Retail, Technology, General



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Child Labour, Forced Labour, Migrant Workers, Climate Change, Water Sustainability, Energy, Biodiversity, Sustainable Agriculture

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Labour, Environment, General


Sourcemap is a technology platform dedicated to supply chain transparency. It helps companies trace products to their source and collect data from sub-suppliers on social, financial, and environmental risks throughout the supply chain--and presents this information in intuitive, interactive maps. By providing enhanced visibility to the sub-tiers, Sourcemap enables companies to make better sustainability decisions and communicate their work to consumers.


Sourcemap is a state-of-the-art technology platform providing unprecedents visiblity into supply chains. Companies use custom Sourcemap surveys to trace products to the raw material origin, collect risk data, sustainability metrics, and other KPI's from suppliers and sub-suppliers, and visualize this information in an intuitive mapping interface. At the core of Sourcemap technology is a graph database that uses data from supplier networks to generate end-to-end models of global supply chains. These supply chain maps combine company-specfic indicators on sustainability, compliance, performance, and risk with data submitted from suppliers and sub-suppliers. Data is analyzed and displayed using intuititve visualization dashboards, and can be exported at any time to ERP/PLM platforms and to other software via API. Sourcemap also provides the only free and open supply chain mapping platform for consumer-facing transparency.