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Website - Benchmarks

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Food & Beverage, Personal & Household Goods, Retail, Telecommunications, Technology



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Forced Labour, Migrant Workers

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The objective of the KnowTheChain Benchmarks is to identify companies upholding labour standard and respecting labour rights in order to encourage others to improve. Benchmarks give companies and investors key information for understanding the sustainability challenges in their supply-chains. Besides this KnowTheChain believes that benchmarks can play a powerful role in encouraging companies, by creating a “race to the top”, rewarding leaders and increasing risk for laggards.


KnowTheChain is benchmarking 60 large global companies in the Information & Technology Communication, Food & Beverage, and Apparel & Footwear sectors on their efforts to address forced labor and human trafficking in their supply chains.

Each Benchmark is based on the evaluation of 20 companies in the sector, and provides an overview of the overall ranking of the studied companies, key findings for the sector, theme overall scores, complete reports and action guides for companies.

The results are based on a Benchmark Methodology that evaluates the companies using seven categories of indicators:

  • Commitment and Governance
  • Traceability and Risk Assessment
  • Purchasing Practices
  • Recruitment
  • Worker Voice
  • Monitoring
  • Remedy