The Global Living Wage Coalition

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Global Living Wage Coalition with ISEAL Alliance as Partner and Fiscal Sponsor

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Asia, Africa, South-America, Global

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Human Rights, Labour


The Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC) develops living wage benchmark estimates globally based on a single definition and methodology of calculation of living wage and as a critical step to enable industries and companies to move towards paying a living wage. The GLWC sees the calculation and release of Living Wage benchmarks as the first step in a long-term process towards achieving wages at a level that will help workers escape poverty. Objective living wage benchmarks are instrumental to collaborative efforts of brands, buyers, producers, unions, governments, nonprofits, and other relevant stakeholders to make a living wage a reality.


Fairtrade International, Forest Stewardship Council, GoodWeave International, Rainforest Alliance, Social Accountability International, Sustainable Agriculture Network and UTZ are working together, in partnership with ISEAL Alliance and living wage experts Richard and Martha Anker on the methodology, promotion and implementation of a living wage for the workers that are protected by their respective labour standards and beyond.

The activities of the GLWC have expanded considerably since its inception when the focus was on consolidating and testing the Anker methodology, guidance, and tools for living wage calculation and assessment of wages.The GLWC builds upon a base of over 25 living wage estimates released or in process, universal auditor guidance, a manual on the Anker Methodology, and three global training events, toward scale and greater focus on collaborative implementation to achieve a living wage for workers.  The major activities of the Coalition:

  1. Increasing outreach, understanding, and usage of benchmarks and the common approach.
  2. Building on benchmarks to increase information on wages and cost of living.
  3. Testing strategies and building the case for wage growth in specific countries and sectors.
  4. Creating a structure of sustainability and scalability, allowing diverse stakeholders access to accurate living wage estimates where they work.

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