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Walk Free Foundation is calling on governments of the top ten economies of the world to enact laws, at least as strong as the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, with a budget and capability to ensure organisations are held to account for modern slavery in their supply chains, and to empower independent oversight.


This is the third edition of the Global Slavery Index. It provides an estimate, country by country of the number of people living in modern slavery today and the steps governments are taking to respond to this crime.The Global Slavery Index (‘the Index’) provides an estimate of the number of people in modern slavery, the factors that make individuals vulnerable to this crime, and an assessment of government action across 167 countries. The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates there are 45.8 million people subject to some form of modern slavery in the world today. 

The Global Slavery Index is based on state-of-the-art research methodology that has been developed with the assistance of an independent Expert Working Group, comprised of world leading experts. The methodology has also been subjected to independent external review. This estimate is based on data from nationally representative, random sample surveys conducted in 25 countries. The results of these surveys have been extrapolated to countries with an equivalent risk profile. The 2016 estimate is an increase on the estimate provided in the previous edition of the Index.