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Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety

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The vision of the Alliance is to substantially improve worker safety in the ready-made-garment (RMG) industry by upgrading factories, educating workers and management, empowering workers, and building institutions that can enforce and maintain safe working conditions throughout Bangladesh. The Alliance partners with government, trade unions, and employers to ensure all workers are safe and their employment creates sustainable and positive economic development for Bangladesh. Through the Alliance’s activities and partnerships, we strive for a safer garment industry where fire and building integrity issues no longer result in injury or loss of life.


The Alliance works to achieve its vision through initiatives in five strategic pillars:

· Standards & Inspections

The Alliance is committed to conducting factory safety assessments in all RMG factories producing for its members in Bangladesh, which provide factory owners with a technical understanding of the fire safety and structural concerns related to their facilities.

· Remediation

The intent of the Alliance remediation program is to substantially improve structural integrity, electrical and fire safety by guiding factories through the Corrective Action Plan process to ensure credible and compliant upgrades.

· Worker Empowerment

The Alliance is committed to providing factory workers with the opportunity to voice safety concerns, and to ensuring and supporting the establishment of (democratically-elected) Safety Committees in accordance with the Bangladesh Labour Rules.

· Training

The Alliance is committed to providing training for its factories to ensure that workers and management understand life safety, emergency management, building and fire safety, and how to implement effective management systems that can prevent fires and save lives.

· Sustainability

The Alliance will continue to work with the government of Bangladesh, donor governments, and other stakeholders to address the long-term needs of Bangladesh to meet its governance and capacity challenges.