Ahlstrom Corporation: Twelve Years of Chain-of-Custody

Ahlstrom Corporation: Twelve Years of Chain-of-Custody
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Ahlstrom Corporation

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Human Rights, Labour, Environment


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Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change, Biodiversity


In 1993 the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) was founded as a response to concerns over global deforestation. Some years later big sheds in the UK, like B&Q, started programs to buy only FSC-certified wood-based products in the future. This created pressure on the wallpaper manufacturers (supplying the sheds) to become FSC-certified and on us as their paper suppliers. Because the UK was the biggest export country at that time Ahlstrom Osnabrück decided to become FSC-certified.

Description of Program or Activity

Lessons Learned

The clear rules of the FSC have to be followed, there is no chance to do things in other ways. The decision to go for the FSC was right.


Now 12 years later, all of Ahlstrom’s pulp suppliers are certified either with FSC or PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification ) and we have 12 manufacturing sites with the Chain-of-Custody certification. The demand for certified products in the market place is continually increasing as companies want to demonstrate their sustainable sourcing by using the certification logo on their products.

The forest industry can be very proud of their achievement with the Chain-of-Custody certifications being real front runners in sustainable supply chains.